Touchpanel w.
SPI, I²C, RS232

Immediately running TFT displays.

Full functionality from the first minute off.

Different sizes: 3.2", 4.3", 5.7", 7".


Serial Interface SPI/I²C

3.2" ~ 7" TFT with Serial Interface SPI/I²C

As the first in the world we do provide TFT displays with 3.2", 4.3" and 7", which are immediately running and do provide from the first minute the full functionality. These displays do require a single supply 5V= (EA eDIPTFT32: 5V= or 3.3V=) and an interface RS-232, I²C or SPI only.

All character sets and control /graphic functions to build-up a screen are immediately available.

  • no PC / embedded system necessary
  • low power with max. 900mW (except 5.7" and 7": 3.5W)
  • no training for a new software and programming tools necessary
  • full function already immediately after power-on
  • drastically reduced time-to-market
  • tested functions validated hundreds of times
  • unparalleled flexibility thanks to powerful commands and a variety of interfaces (RS-232, I²C, SPI)
  • extremely compact construction
  • and not the least important benefit: a clear price advantage compared to individualized solutions
  • information flyer as a pdf file

Various character sets built-in

There are a lot of different fonts in various sizes built-in already. Additionally all Windows fonts can be included (also cyrillic, hebrew etc.). For vertical usage (portrait mode) display snd all fonts can be rotated by 90° steps.

Powerful commands

Powerful commands

Such as the touch keybargrapharea, picture, animation, centered strings... are already built-in. You can therefore create the screen layout you want with just a few, easily understood commands. All the commands are based on coordinate specifications and can therefore be applied and moved to the nearest pixel.

There is a built-in self-test facility for demonstration purposes and initial testing: simply set the "Test" pin to low.

Editor / Compiler for Windows

For first steps we provide lots of demos. To use those and the internal FLASH there is a editos / compiler available. It's good to define some pre-defined screen layouts and to store TIFF, JPG, TGA and GIF animations also. The software is available for free and can be downloaded here immediately: LCD Tools for Windows.

Quick and easy assembly

Quick and easy assembly

Like all EA DIP modules, the EA eDIPTFT displays are simply inserted in the PCB and soldered in place. No screws, distance sleeves or cables are required, thus saves material cost and simplifies construction. This results in a saving of between 2 and 4 minutes per module during assembly!

For a standard screw mounting (e.g. together with the optional mounting bezel), the displays do come with 2 additional mounting clips for easy screw mounting.

Communication via serial interface (RS-232, I²C, SPI)

There is something to match every system: depending on the configuration, the connection can be established via an RS-232 (CMOS level), SPI or I²C bus interface. Also the touch panel communication is done via the same serial interface line.

Capacitive Touchpanel - PCAP

Capacitive Touchpanel - PCAP

Additionally to the well-proved versions with a resistive touch panel currently we do provide 2 displays with 4.3" and 7" alternatively equipped with a capacitive touch panel: EA eDIPTFT43-ATC (4.3") and EA eDIPTFT70-ATC (7").

The advantage is more transperency that leads for both sizes to again more brightness and a very contrasty display. The surface is made of glass which is hard profen against scratch, it is hygienic and resistant against all cleaning stuff. The design with its black frame grants your equipment a valuable, modern optic.

An essential detail with industrial applications ist the usability with and without hand gloves. Even when the display is put behind a 3mm glass plate it may be operated perfectly.

Control Units, Colored

Ordering Code   Dimension Touchpanel Data Sheet Shop Starter package / USB- Evalset
EA eDIPTFT32-A 3.2" 82x61x12mm   pdf EA Shop EA EVALeDIP128-240
EA eDIPTFT32-ATP Resistive
EA eDIPTFT43-A 4.3" 107x71x12mm   pdf

EA Shop

EA eDIPTFT43-ATP Resistive
EA eDIPTFT43-ATC 120x92x12mm PCAP
EA eDIPTFT57-A 5.7" 146x107x13mm   pdf EA Shop EA EVALeDIP320-TFT70
EA eDIPTFT57-ATP Resistive
EA eDIPTFT70-A 7" 170x112x16mm   pdf

EA Shop

EA eDIPTFT70-ATP Resistive
EA eDIPTFT70-ATC 193x132x16mm PCAP

Control Units, Monochromes

Ordering Code   Dimension Display Color Touchpanel Data Sheet Shop Starterpackage / USB- Evalset
EA eDIP128B-6LW 2.8" 72x55x12mm blue-white   pdf EA Shop EA EVALeDIP128-240
EA eDIP128B-6LWTP resistive
EA eDIP128W-6LW black&white  
EA eDIP128W-6LWTP resistive
EA eDIP160B-7LW 3.2" 82x68x12mm blue-white   pdf

EA Shop

EA eDIP160B-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP160W-7LW black&white  
EA eDIP160W-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP240B-7LW 4.2" 113x70x11mm blue-white   pdf

EA Shop

EA eDIP240B-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP240J-7LW black&white  
EA eDIP240J-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP240J-7LA black-amber  
EA eDIP240J-7LATP resistive
EA eDIP320B-8LW 5.7" 138x105x10mm blue-white   pdf EA Shop EA STARTeDIP320
EA eDIP320B-8LWTP resistive
EA eDIP320J-8LW black&white  
EA eDIP320J-8LWTP resistive
EA eDIP320J-8LA black-amber  
EA eDIP320J-8LATP resistive



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