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Compact colour Module replaces monochrome Modules

The chromatic IPS-TFT panel EA TFT020-23 with a screen diagonal of 2 inches provides an extremely fine resolution, wide viewing angles and excellent sunlight readability. Its versatile, standardized interfaces facilitate the further development of products using monochrome displays.
Electronic Assembly designed the 2-inch TFT020-23 as a full-color alternative to monochrome graphic displays, which are widely used in handheld devices. Despite its compact size of only 36 x 52 mm, it features a very fine resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. With a brightness of 1,000 cd/m² it delivers brilliant images in the office, production or operating room, even in bright sunlight. Thanks to the IPS technology, the crisp, sharp contrast is preserved over a wide viewing angle of 160° and the colours remain unchanged, even at the most oblique viewing angle.
One connector combines all control lines of the display, the backlight and even the optional touch panel with 39 pins at 0.5 mm pitch. The version with capacitive touch surface including I²C controller is called EA TFT020-23AITC. This version measures 43 x 65 mm, the touch panel (PCAP) is optically bonded for a clear and low-reflection display.
The TFT display runs directly at 3.3 V and requires no additional auxiliary voltage. The SPI interface guarantees simple control with all common microcontrollers due to integrated display RAM. The same display can also be addressed via a classic RGB interface. Last but not least, connection to an 8- or 16-bit data bus is also possible.
Since both models were designed as handheld displays for heavy-duty outdoor use, they are able to cope with ambient temperatures of -20° C to +70° C. Their service life amounts to 50,000 hours.
Electronic Assembly does not stipulate a minimum order quantity for this product either and already delivers one piece of the TFT020-23 ex stock. With the excellent quality of its products, comprehensive support and an extreme long stock availability, the manufacturer supports the implementation of long-term product lines.

More information at our website and in the data sheet.

Round OLED displays, fast and temperature-stable

Circular, high contrast, ultra-thin, power-saving and stable over a very wide temperature range: The OLED displays of the EA W128128-XR series provide the ideal solution for compact handheld devices.
The new OLED displays from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY are just 2.05 mm thick. Its display area has a diameter of 30 mm (1.2") and consists of a passive matrix of 128 x 128 pixels. This format qualifies perfectly for the display of analogue measurement scales. The external dimensions of the entire module, including the connection cable, amount to almost 37x41mm.
As a self-luminous display technology, OLEDs offer numerous advantages compared to LCDs. In addition to the extremely flat design, the advantages include very wide viewing angles all around up to almost 180°. Thanks to the deep black level, this display technology impresses with a contrast ratio of >2000:1. The brightness of the controlled areas in the 50% checkerboard pattern is 80cd/m2. At first glance, this may not sound much, but it is brilliant even in bright daylight. With 10 µs, the display reacts extremely fast, even at ice-cold -40°C as well as scorching +80°C.
The integrated controller SSD1327ZB requires a supply voltage of 3.3V, the display 14.5V. The current consumption for displaying a checkerboard pattern typically amounts to 24 mA which is a very economical consumption. The display is controlled via SPI protocol via a 24-pole ZIFF connection. Thanks to numerous initialization examples, measured values, graphics and icons can be displayed quickly and with high contrast.
The EA W128128-XR displays are offered in three colours: EA W128128-XRLG with yellow, EA W128128-XRLW with white and EA W128128-XRLB with blue pixels on a black background. The typical lifetime of the yellow display amounts to 50,000 hours. As a rule, it takes 20,000 hours for white and blue to lose half their brightness.
Owing to its compact design, the energy-saving display and the extreme temperature stability, the EA W128128-XR series is excellently suited for use in mobile handheld devices. A USB test board and OLED simulation software for Windows are also available for quick testing of individual applications.


More information are on our Website and the data sheet.

High-contrast OLED with USB interface

Especially for small monitoring and control tasks, the display specialist ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has developed a graphic OLED display with touch-sensitive front made of real glass.
The brand new EA PLUGS102-6 is not only a display, but also a full control unit featuring a wide range of interfaces. Its 36 x 25 mm display area offers a resolution of 102 x 64 pixels. Since every pixel in OLEDs represents a light source, this panel boasts unbeatably brilliant color, low black levels and strong contrasts compared to any LCD displays.
All these features are provided from any viewing angle at almost 180°, because OLEDs do not exhibit the LCD-typical weak contrast at oblique viewing angles. A separate backlight is not necessary. The display brightness can be adjusted by software. Automatic screen saver modes prevent the possible burn-in of static image content.
Thanks to the integrated USB interface, the OLED module can be quickly and easily put into operation. Just plug it in and the display will be automatically powered. The data transfer takes place serially, either via USB, SPI, RS232 or I2C connection.
For measurement and control tasks, the EA PLUGS102-6 is equipped with eight freely configurable digital I/O interfaces, two analog inputs and one PWM and one analog output. A small loudspeaker is also integrated.
The EA PLUGS102-6 recognizes high-level language-like graphics commands, which can be mastered even without any previous knowledge. In addition to eight integrated fonts, the display also features a number of sophisticated graphic functions. The time-consuming development of character sets and graphic routines is not necessary. Text and graphic elements can be mixed with each other at will, they can be positioned pixel-precisely and provided with blink attributes (on/off, inverse). Up to 256 images and the same number of macros can be stored in the internal memory.
The complete OLED module measures 55 x 54 x 15 mm. Its supply voltage, if not supplied via USB, may range from 3.3 to 5 V. If all pixels are enabled, it typically requires 137 mA or 97 mA. Its operating temperature ranges from -20 to 70 °C. For quick mounting, it is simply glued upright or crosswise into the front panel.

More information at our Website or in the data sheet.

Super-flat and economical

The compact LCD display DOGS164-A, which ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY developed especially for low-power handheld devices, is only 2 mm thick. With external compact dimensions of 40 x 33 mm, it even offers space for four lines with 16 characters, each 3.2 mm high. Optionally, you can also select 2 x 16 double-size characters or a mixed display with one large and two small lines.
The panel is part of the world's most comprehensive LC display series, which is operated directly at 3.3 volts and requires no additional auxiliary voltage. Its typical current consumption amounts to 440 µA. Three high-contrast LC techniques are available: Reflective and transflective FSTN with white background and transmissive STN with blue background. The latter two variants can be combined with LED lighting modules in tri-color (green, red, white) or monochrome amber. The backlight is also connected directly to 3.3 V by means of a series resistor. It is designed for a current ranging from 3 to 45 mA. The display contrast is adjustable by command. The viewing direction can be changed from bottom view to top view, for example for installation in the front of a laboratory power supply.
Even with backlighting, the installation of the display can be carried out quickly and easily. Display and lighting modules are simply plugged together and soldered directly into the circuit board. Additional fixings are not necessary.
The SSD1803A controller is integrated in the display together with three different character sets (English-Japanese, European, Cyrillic). These sets can be expanded by eight user-defined characters. Communication takes place either via 3- or 4-wire SPI or 2-wire I²C.
The DOGS164-A is designed for ambient temperatures between -20 and +70 °C during operation, and its storage temperature ranges from -30 to +80 °C.
All panel variants are available for orders starting with one unit. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY guarantees a very long availability of up to ten years.
Here you can download a free simulator. All versions and colours of the display can be tested on a Windows PC before purchase. An USB test board with extensive Windows software is available allowing an easy start. In this way, even your own texts can be immediately displayed on the connected display. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY also supports developers by providing comprehensive support and a large amount of C and microcontroller code.

More information are available on our website and in the data sheet.

Compact displays for quick assembly

Featuring external dimensions of just 40 x 20 mm, the EA DIPS082 precisely fits into 19" rack systems with one height unit (1 U). The saying "time is money" also applies to this industry, as it does everywhere - especially when it comes to assembling. For this reason, the compact EA DIPS082 dot matrix panel including pins with a grid of 2.54 mm (1/10”) is soldered directly into the circuit board or plugged into a socket. No additional fixing screws, spacer sleeves or connecting cables are required. This saves material and shortens production time per module by two to three minutes.
The high-contrast LCD Supertwist display can display two lines with 8 characters measuring 5.01 mm each in height or, as EA 8081-A3N, one line with eight characters almost twice as high (7.15 mm). His ROM already contains 192 ASCII characters. Eight freely defined characters can be added to this character set. All displays are supplied with standard controllers, ensuring that existing hardware and software can be used without modification.
The EA DIPS082 is compatible with HD44780 and is connected to a 4- or 8-bit data bus. The supply voltage of the unit may optionally be ±2.7 V, ±3.3 V or 5 V (at 2 mA). The operating temperature range is from -20 to 70 °C.
The display is also available as EA DIPS082-HNLED with integrated LED backlight. It requires 5 V as supply voltage, with a typical current consumption of 50 mA (max. 80 mA). By modifying certain resistors, the lighting can also be switched and regulated.
The EA DIPS082 is part of a family of quickly mountable dot matrix displays. Currently, the EA DIP series also includes the following models: There are text displays in the format 68 (75) mm x 27 mm with 1 x 8, 2 x 16 and 4 x 20 characters, as well as a graphic display with 122 x 32 pixels. The 75 mm x 46 mm format offers a text display with 4 x 20 characters and a graphic display with 128 x 64 pixels. The largest graphic display has a size of 113 x 70 mm and a resolution of 240 x 128 pixels.
A long availability of more than 10 years, an excellent support and highest quality guarantee you a safe future. Touch panels are optionally available for the graphic displays.

More information at our website and data sheet.

Displays for low-power devices

The display specialist ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has launched a multi-faceted EA DOG product family especially designed for low-power handheld applications. They are all operated at 3.3 V as a standard and require hardly more than 150 ~ 350 µA. The optional LED illumination is also designed for 3.3 V. The brightest white LED starts at 3 mA.
The panels, which are only 2 mm thick, are currently available as text and graphic displays in 10 different sizes and five different display technologies: as transmissive, reflective or blue STN as well as positive or negative FSTN. All technologies are standard and available starting from 1 unit. The displays can be combined with six separate backlights in white, amber, blue, red, yellow/green and full colour by simply plugging them together.
Owing to the compact design, an extremely flat display module with a maximum height of 5.8 mm is obtained when combined with lighting. Without any additional mounting effort, it can be soldered directly onto the circuit board with a 2.54 mm grid.
The text displays are supplied with 1*8, 2*16, 4*10 (switchable to double font height 2*10) as well as 4*16 and 4*20 characters. The graphic variants are available in the resolutions 122*32, 102*64, 160*104, 240*64 and 240*128 pixels. The outer dimensions vary between 39 x 41 and 94 x 67 mm. All displays are equipped with a SPI interface, the text displays additionally have a 4-/8-bit interface and some displays can also be addressed via I²C.
Thanks to integrated temperature compensation, the thermal application range of the displays covers temperatures from -20 to 70 °C.
As a further special feature, individual EA DOGs support English, European and Cyrillic character sets in a single display. The displays are available in large quantities as well as small quantities at short notice. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY guarantees a long-term availability of up to 10 years.
Developers have access to an USB test board with PC connection and suitable Windows software, including a free simulator and a great deal of C and microcontroller codes for an easy system start and prototyping.

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OLED-Display with USB and Touch

For the first time, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY presents the EA PLUGL128, a touch-sensitive OLED display that can be addressed directly via USB. It offers a resolution of 128 × 64 pixels with a 2.9" screen diagonal. Since OLED technology enables each pixel to act as an independent light source, there is no angle-dependent contrast attenuation as is the case with LCD displays. The contrast of at least 2,000:1 remains constant over the entire viewing angle range of 170°. The display is extremely fast and still reacts smoothly and without delay even at temperatures as low as -40°C. The display is also extremely easy to read. It is protected by a robust, touch-sensitive glass pane. A gentle touch is all it takes to change displays or trigger actions.

Various graphic functions and character sets with German diacritics are already implemented. Thanks to various digital inputs and outputs, the display can take over small control tasks independently. Communication with microcontroller applications can take place via SPI, I2C or RS-232 interfaces. These are bidirectional and designed for 3.3V levels.

Version with screw terminals

In the Z version (EA PLUGL128-6GTCZ), the OLED display also features twelve screw terminals. External sensors or detectors can thus be connected easily and reliably. Two analog inputs enable voltage measurement up to 3.3V with direct display indication. In addition, this version is equipped with a 26-pin IDC tray connector, which provides additional I/Os and serial interfaces.

Possible applications include home automation and the upgrade of applications with text displays, as well as the control of smaller equipment.

EA PLUGL128 is the first member of the new display family EA PLUGxxx. Displays with 1.6" and 2.2" screen diagonals will soon also be available.

The most important features at a glance:

  • USB port
  • No additional power supply required
  • Touch-sensitive glass surface
  • ASCII with Ä, Ö, Ü and ß
  • Graphic functions
  • Extremely wide viewing angle
  • Digital inputs/outputs
  • Front panel can be glued in place

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