Smart HMI small control systems for integration

Smart HMI small control systems for integration
With the uniTFT touch displays from DISPLAY VISIONS you can complete control tasks in no time at all. Graphics and I/O controllers are both already integrated in these smart displays.
With the HMI displays in the uniTFT series, DISPLAY VISIONS offers brilliant graphics displays and intelligent small control systems in one. Thanks to the integrated I/O and high-performance graphics controller, users can implement complete control applications without the need for additional µC or PLC. There are no limits to how these can be used – whether for building automation, control panels in mobile homes and fitness appliances or controlling industrial production processes.
The uniTFT displays master logical and arithmetic operations and data communication and storage. They also have four analogue inputs and eight freely programmable inputs or outputs (3.3 V). They have external sensors and microcontrollers to communicate via I2C, SPI, RS232 and USB ports. The models up to 4.3-inch store your data in internal flash memories; the displays from 5-inch to 10.1-inch also have a micro-SD slot. There is also an audio output for acoustic alerts. The operating voltage is 3.3 V only.
Thanks to state-of-the-art IPS technology, the optimal viewing angle is an impressive 170° horizontally as well as vertically. This means that the displays show an image with the colour and contrast just as they should be, even from very peripheral perspectives. With typical brightness of 1,000 cd/m², they are also still easy to read in situations with unfavourable ambient light. Their touch screens have multi-touch control.
The smart uniTFT displays are available in graduated sizes from 1.5” to 10.1”, with resolutions between 240x240 RGB pixels and 1,280x800 pixels. For programming, DISPLAY VISIONS has provided the WYSIWYG editor uniTFTDesigner free of charge. Simulators, debuggers, instrument and clock editors as well as numerous examples, ready-made graphics and animations are already implemented in this high-performance development environment.


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