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News TFT OLED LCD IPS Displays - HMI and intelligent modules


At the following exhibitions you get a personal impression of our company and our products:

14. - 16. November 2023, SPS in Nuremberg, Germany

9. - 11. April 2024, embedded world in Nuremberg, Germany

12. - 15. November 2024, electronica in Munich, Germany

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News 2023

Finally there are electronics fairs again ! There we show fancy new IPS displays, application examples for Raspberry Pico and Zero, stand-alone testers for small color displays and new features in uniTFTDesigner.

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Display news 2022

News 2022

Topic of the year is the change of name from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY to DISPLAY VISIONS. The industrial OLED displays as well as the brilliant IPS displays including control and HMI solutions remain interesting.

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Display news 2021

News 2021

Super bright TFT displays that are even readable in direct sunlight and have a nearly 180° wide viewing angle, smallest OLED displays with FPC cable and other exciting display solutions.

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News 2020

In 2020 we launch the world first SMART TOUCH DISPLAYS with different sizes 2", 2.8", 3.5" and 4.3" made as a HMI control unit.

New is also the WYSIWYG tool uniTFTDesigner to make the success of our tablet-like display series EA uniTFT more easier.

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Overview 2019

2019 is the year of the USB Displays: with OLED or as TFT display, both made as control unit.

New features for the EA uniTFT series and the tool uniSKETCH increases the projection and success of this tablet-like display series.

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Overview 2018

The year 2018 is in full swing with new  OLED technologies. Nee OLED graphic displays with pins and 102x64 dots and 128x64 dots conquer the market. Also our object based HMI units "EA uniTFT" get growth with a new 7" display.

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Overview 2017

Highlights of the year 2017 are the new OLED graphic displays with pins and object-based control units of EA uniTFT-series, available in 5" and 10.1" incl. capacitive touchpanel.

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Overview 2016

The year 2016 will focus on the very compact HMI displays in EA eDIP series. In autumn we'll launch the new "EA uniTFT" display series.

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News archive

News archive

A lot has happened and been developed since the company was founded.
 You can track our company’s development over the years in our archive.


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