Intelligent graphic displays with SPI, RS-232 and I²C as well as touch panel for installation

Intelligent Graphic Displays

No more "pixel programming".

Buillt-in drawing functions and fonts.

Leads to reduced time-to-market.

Touchpanel support included.

Serial graphic displays with intelligence, RS-232, I²C, SPI

eDIP Series

Serial Graphic Displays with SPI or I2C

- 128x64
- 160x104
- 240x128

- 320x240
- 7" / 5.7" / 4.3" / 3.2" TFT

This is how graphics programming will look in the future: no more "pixel programming" but, instead, efficient operation with extensive drawing functions and fonts. The advantages are obvious:

  • no time-consuming graphics programming
  • drastically reduced time-to-market
  • tested functions validated hundreds of times
  • unparalleled flexibility thanks to powerful commands and a variety of interfaces (RS-232, I²C, SPI)
  • extremely compact construction
  • all in all a clear price advantage compared to individualized solutions
  • information flyer as a pdf file




Character sets / Powerful commands

7 built-in fonts in different sizes (see picture besides). All the character sets can be enlarged up to 4 times their original size. For vertical presentation, a command allows you to rotate them by 90°. Separate character sets such as Cyrillic can be integrated at any time.

Such as the touchkey with menu functionclipboardbargraphcentered strings...
You can therefore create the screen layout you want with just a few, easily understood commands. All the commands are based on coordinate specifications and can therefore be applied and moved to the nearest pixel.
There is a built-in self-test facility for initial testing: simply put the "Test" pin to low.

Editor / Compiler for Windows

Editor / Compiler for Windows

Helpful for the development, but also powerful for 1st. steps is the simulator software for the EA eDIP240-7. With that internal EEPROM can be used to define some pre-defined screen layouts. Software is available for can be downloaded here immediately: LCD Tools for Windows.
Even communication of simulator via serial interface of PC or via terrminal is possible. Thus a complete and elegant development tool is provided for free.

eDIPTFT: Quick and easy assembly

Fast, easy assembly

Like all DIP modules, the displays are simply inserted in the PCB and soldered in place. No screws, distance sleeves or cables are required, thus saving material costs and simplifying construction. This results in a saving of between 2 and 4 minutes per module during assembly!
The displays EA eDIP320-8 and EA eDIPTFT43-A do come with additional mounting clips for easy screw mounting.

Touch Panel

Optionally, we can also supply this display with an analog touch panel which can be used for all types of input. An integrated touch controller is responsible for representing and labelling the keys as well as for their interpretation. What is more, the shape, size and number of the keys can be modified whenever required at runtime. This permits a clear, well-organized screen layout that helps eliminate operating errors.
Device adaptations for foreign countries and languages are simple to implement even in tiny runs thanks to the variable labelling. This includes cyrillic and arabic.

Low Power - no boot sequence

A most modern technology provides a power consumption of less than <1W only (EA eDIPTFT70-A: 3.5W) - under full functionality! Reducing the backlight brightness reduces the power consumption once more. And even if the display was switched off totally, it runs within a few 1/10 seconds again. If the external components are not immediately running, then an automatic start screen can be stored in internal FLASH.

eDIPTFT70-ATP: Powerful commands

Getting started

The starter packages does contain everything to get very fast and easy familiar with them:

  • TFT Display with Touch Panel
  • USB-Programmerboard or USB-Evalboard
  • DVD with driver for Windows, Editor, Compiler and Demos: the ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY LCD-Tools
  • Cable and data sheet
  • 5 additional interface boards for RS-232, RS-485, I²C and SPI with the EA EVALeDIPxxx

All monochrome displays at a glance

Monochrome Displays

Ordering Code Dimension Display Color Touchpanel Data Sheet Display Data Sheet for Starterpackage / USB- Evalset
EA eDIP128B-6LW 2.8" 72x55x12mm blue-white   pdf EA EVALeDIP128-240
EA eDIP128B-6LWTP resistive
EA eDIP128W-6LW black&white  
EA eDIP128W-6LWTP resistive
EA eDIP160B-7LW 3.2" 82x68x12mm blue-white   pdf
EA eDIP160B-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP160W-7LW black&white  
EA eDIP160W-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP240B-7LW 4.2" 113x70x11mm blue-white   pdf
EA eDIP240B-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP240J-7LW black&white  
EA eDIP240J-7LWTP resistive
EA eDIP240J-7LA black-amber  
EA eDIP240J-7LATP resistive
EA eDIP320B-8LW 5.7" 138x105x10mm blue-white   pdf EA STARTeDIP320
EA eDIP320B-8LWTP resistive
EA eDIP320J-8LW black&white  
EA eDIP320J-8LWTP resistive
EA eDIP320J-8LA black-amber  
EA eDIP320J-8LATP resistive

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