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HMI Display uniTFT / uniTFTs

EA uniTFT / uniTFTs
Arduino SPI and I²C connection and implementation of the Small Protocol f.o.c. Arduino
Small Protocol, code example in C f.o.c. C Code for R8
Application for voltmeter and driving a LED via SPI control (incl. display EA uniTFTs028-ATC) EA DEMOPACK-RGBANA Schematic, Altium
Application with level shifter for
SPI & I²C (3.3V and 5V), RS-232 (±12V), RS-485, voltage converter for 5~30V (incl. display EA uniTFTs028-ATC)
EA DEMOPACK-CONNY Schematic, Altium
Application with relay incl. current measurement and digital inputs for up to 30V, voltage converter for 5~30V (incl. display EA uniTFTs028-ATC) EA DEMOPACK-RELAY Schematic, Altium
Application for CO2-, Temperature- and Humidity measurement. With RTC (incl. display EA uniTFTs028-ATC) EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA Schematic, Altium
Interface for WiFi and Bluetooth EA DEMOPACK-WIFIBT Schematic, Altium
Source ESP32
Documentation ESP32

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