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A lot of information with a small footprint

Compact design and excellent legibility are the principal advantages of the new EA DOGM204-A family of alphanumeric displays from Electronic Assembly. Supertwist LCD technology produces a high-contrast display that is only 66 mm wide.  The display offers a font size of 4.8 mm and supports four lines of text with up to 20 characters per line.

The display supports both SPI and I2C communication protocols, and the SSD1803A on-board controller almost completely eliminates the need for additional programming, reducing the workload for developers. Because users have the choice of three different character sets (European, English-Japanese and Cyrillic), equipment configured with these displays is suitable for most of the world’s major markets. Flexibility is another key feature of the EA DOGM204-A family. The display modules can be combined with three different backlighting colors.

The displays run on a single 3.3 V supply, supporting state-of-the-art design and reducing the cost of circuit infrastructure. Typical power consumption is only 250 µA, and the additional load for LED backlighting can be as low as 3 mA. There is no need for complex assembly during production because the displays can simply be soldered directly to the PCB, eliminating the need for mounting hardware. A thickness of only 2 mm supports ultra-slim design. Even with optional LED backlighting, the display is only 5.8 mm thick.

A USB test board which can be connected to a Windows PC is available for developers. Various sample applications and software can be downloaded free of charge.

Here is the link to the data sheet.

OLED Alphanumeric Modules Designed for Wide Temperature Range

Electronic Assembly has added the EA W202‑XDLG to its range of high-quality alphanumeric displays. The technology has the advantage of high contrast for good visibility combined with low energy consumption. The new EA W202‑XDLG also features an onboard controller which supports user-friendly connectivity options, and it operates over a temperature range, making it suitable for automotive applications.

The EA W202‑XDLG displays two lines containing 20 characters each. The character height is 9.66 mm which is currently the maximum in the OLED display range. The onboard controller is compatible with the popular HD44780, so when using the EA W202‑XDLG system developers will find themselves on familiar ground. The controller has an SPI interface for communication with the outside world. It can also be connected to a 4 or 8 bit data bus also. A range of functions including Clear Display, Shift Display, Shift Cursor and Cursor on/off can be performed with a single command.

The complete ASCII character set including special characters is factory installed in the character ROM. The user has the choice of 4 different fonts: English, European I, European II and Cyrillic. In addition, 8 characters are user definable.

The EA W202‑XDLG operates over a temperature range of -40°C to +80°C. It withstands arctic temperatures outdoors and tropical heat inside control cabinets, completely eliminating LCD freezing which typically occurs at low temperatures. The EA W202‑XDLG has very low power consumption (15 - 50 mA), and there is no need for a complex multi-level power supply. The display will run from a simple 3.3V - 5V source.

More informations and more OLED displays are mentioned at our website. Here's the link for the data sheet.

A Masterful Blend of Elegance and Intelligence

The ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC graphic display is a perfect symbiosis of intelligence and attractive design. The TFT touch panel display features an extensive set of intelligent display functions, making it ideal for microcontroller system architectures. Other outstanding features include a bright, high-contrast screen and an elegant appearance.

The display has a 7 inch diagonal screen, 800 x 480 pixel resolution and an optional capacitive touch panel. It is the perfect centerpiece of your machine and equipment “command center”. Its highly attractive appearance makes it equally suitable for high-quality consumer goods which look nice in the living room. The extremely bright, high-contrast screen is easy to read even in bright sunshine, making the EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC perfect for parking ticket vending machines and information booths. The 6H surface is absolutely scratch resistant and dirt repellent, guaranteeing excellent long-term optical performance. The display retains its attractive appearance even when strong cleaning agents are used, for example on the production floor or in machine rooms. For the really tough jobs, the display can be easily mounted behind a protective glass panel up to 4 mm thick which acts as a deterrent to vandalism. In addition, the EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC has a high-grade capacitive touch panel which reacts even when the user is wearing gloves. The display copes well with multi-touch action. The high-precision sensor function ensures that user commands are executed correctly. The touch screen reacts to user input with 80 different messages, change of output voltage level or data sent over the on-board RS‑232, SPI or I²C ports.

The intelligence of the EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC is evident in its extensive, user-friendly programming features based on a built-in controller offering features such as predefined linear and rotary dial instruments which are accessible as parameterizable graphic functions. Using the two analogue inputs, simple data acquisition tasks can be programmed in next to no time. Fonts, images, animations and macros can be stored in the 8 MB on-board FLASH memory. The display has access to 8 pre-defined, adaptable fonts, and TrueType fonts can also be imported. The user can choose between the RS-232, I2C and SPI ports to communicate with the outside world. The display also has eight digital inputs/outputs. The EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC is software and function compatible with other displays in the series.

Our website provides different sizes and more information. And this is the link for the data sheet.

Slim, attractive and variably: the EA DOGS104-A 2-/4-line display

Specialist display supplier ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has added a genuine “tidbit” to its highly versatile EA DOGS product family. Featuring an extremely compact design and low power consumption, the EA DOGS104-A is the ideal display for battery-powered handheld devices. The normal configuration is 4 lines by 10 characters. Alternatively, 2 or 3 lines of double-height characters can be displayed. The dimensions are only 36 x 28mm.

Support for English, European and Cyrillic character sets in a single display is one of several special feature of the EA DOGS104-A.

 With another on developers can switch between the I²C and SPI ports.

Display and backlight are separated. The two units can be configured by simply plugging them together. Various display technologies such as FSTN, STN and positive and negative display are available, and they can be combined with three different backlighting colors. The backlighting options include a 2-color version and 3-color red/green/white. The design is very compact and even in combination with the backlight unit the display has an ultra-flat profile of only 4.6 mm max.
To get up and running easily and for prototype development, an USB test board with PC connection and Windows software with free simulator are available.

More informations you do find here at our website or in the datasheet.

Data logger measures, stores and communicates via WLAN

The high-precision EA WLAN-T+ temperature data logger from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY measures and stores temperature data and sends the readings in over a wireless, encrypted WiFi link to a PC which is connected to the network. If the wireless connection is lost or the PC is shut down, the data logger stores measurement data for several weeks. The temperature readings are always shown on the built-in display.

The display resolution is 0.01°C, and the measurement accuracy is ± 0.1°C which is high enough for demanding applications. The temperature measurement range is -20°C to +60°C. Temperatures from -270°C up to 1300°C as well as humidity can be measured using other devices in the same family. The temperature can be shown in degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. The maximum and minimum readings can be displayed by repeatedly pressing the push button.  Users can set high and low thresholds which trigger an alarm. Featuring IP 55 water jet and dust protection, the logger is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. A bracket is supplied for wall mounting.

User-friendly PC software is provided for simple configuration of the data logger over a USB connection. Firmware updates are downloaded over the same interface. When connecting the EA WLAN-T+ to the cloud you can control your remote sensors from all over the world. Last but not least, the built-in Li-Ion battery can be recharged from the USB port. The software displays readings from multiple sensors and historical data on the PC. The data can be exported for further analysis. More informations you do find here at our website or in the datasheet.

ePaper Display - Electronic Label for Embedded Applications

The ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY product range includes an intelligent electrophoretic active matrix display with excellent contrast and wide viewing angle. Electrophoretic displays are very popular because they are widely used in e-book readers. Extremely low power consumption and crystal-clear, high contrast image quality similar to printed paper are the most striking features of these displays. Readability is excellent even without lighting, making the displays ideal for applications such as electronic labelling.
The Electronic Assembly EA ELABEL20-A ePaper display has a diagonal size of 2" (approx. 5 cm). Built-in intelligence drastically reduces time to market. The display features a large number of graphic functions and 8 built-in fonts. Other fonts can be loaded as well. Positioning on all functions is pixel perfect. The units are capable of displaying any combination of text and graphics, and they also have a 2x and 4x character zoom function. The 64 Kbyte EEPROM memory mounted on the PCB has space among other things for up to 256 user-definable command sequences (macros) or an equal number of images. Three built-in interfaces (RS-232, SPI and I2C) are provided for controlling the displays.
The displays can be operated in portrait or landscape mode. The resolution is 172 x 72 or 72 x 172 pixels depending on the orientation. The text characters can be rotated 90° so that they are correctly displayed in either orientation. 
Low power consumption and power-down mode make the embedded ePaper ideal for mobile and battery-operated applications. The operating voltage range is 3 V – 3.3 V. The display draws no more than 16 mA during screen update. Macros are still callable in power-down mode (0.2µA). The EA ELABEL20-A is supplied with a lithium battery which provides power for 1 -2 weeks of operation.
The EA 9780-3USB interface board with USB port facilitates connectivity to Windows PCs.

Extremely high contrast ePaper display
4 gray levels: black, dark gray, light gray, white
Three on-board interfaces: RS-232, I2C, SPI
172 x 72 pixel resolution, (rotated: 72 x 172 pixels)
Eight built-in fonts with zoom function, can be rotated 90°
Pixel perfect positioning on all functions
DC input 3.0 V - 3.3 V
Power-down mode 0.2 µA, wakeup activated from interface
Internal storage space for up to 256 images
Up to 256 macros can be programmed and saved
65 Kbyte EEPROM on board
Operating temperature 0°C - 50°C
Order code EA eLABEL20-A

More informations your do find here at our website.

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