A Masterful Blend of Elegance and Intelligence

The ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC graphic display is a perfect symbiosis of intelligence and attractive design. The TFT touch panel display features an extensive set of intelligent display functions, making it ideal for microcontroller system architectures. Other outstanding features include a bright, high-contrast screen and an elegant appearance.

The display has a 7 inch diagonal screen, 800 x 480 pixel resolution and an optional capacitive touch panel. It is the perfect centerpiece of your machine and equipment “command center”. Its highly attractive appearance makes it equally suitable for high-quality consumer goods which look nice in the living room. The extremely bright, high-contrast screen is easy to read even in bright sunshine, making the EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC perfect for parking ticket vending machines and information booths. The 6H surface is absolutely scratch resistant and dirt repellent, guaranteeing excellent long-term optical performance. The display retains its attractive appearance even when strong cleaning agents are used, for example on the production floor or in machine rooms. For the really tough jobs, the display can be easily mounted behind a protective glass panel up to 4 mm thick which acts as a deterrent to vandalism. In addition, the EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC has a high-grade capacitive touch panel which reacts even when the user is wearing gloves. The display copes well with multi-touch action. The high-precision sensor function ensures that user commands are executed correctly. The touch screen reacts to user input with 80 different messages, change of output voltage level or data sent over the on-board RS‑232, SPI or I²C ports.


The intelligence of the EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC is evident in its extensive, user-friendly programming features based on a built-in controller offering features such as predefined linear and rotary dial instruments which are accessible as parameterizable graphic functions. Using the two analogue inputs, simple data acquisition tasks can be programmed in next to no time. Fonts, images, animations and macros can be stored in the 8 MB on-board FLASH memory. The display has access to 8 pre-defined, adaptable fonts, and TrueType fonts can also be imported. The user can choose between the RS-232, I2C and SPI ports to communicate with the outside world. The display also has eight digital inputs/outputs. The EA eDIPTFT70‑ATC is software and function compatible with other displays in the series.


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