Multifunctional text and graphic displays with serial interface (SPI) and 4-Bit/8-Bit

The company ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides with the EA DOG series, a family with a number of different display sizes. This extremely compact COG (chip on glass) SPI modules can be combined with various back lights. Because of that they can handle any conceivable purpose.

Technically the DOG series circuit has a very simple structure. The displays power supply is no problem, namely a true 3.3V operation, for the display and back light. The control options are either parallel 4-bit or 8-bit mode or serial with SPI. In particular, the SPI mode convinces with its speed and resource-efficient manner. The LCD display operation requires only four ports of the host controller, or is directly connected to a SPI bus, that is may present on the board.

In addition to mention is the low electricity usage of 700 microamps for the display and depending on the size and brightness 10-150 milliamps for the back light.