COG LCD: flache Text und Grafikdisplays mit gelb/rot/blau/grün/weiß beleuchtung


This display series was specially developed for
low-power hand-held applications.
For the first time it is possible to operate
a standard display at 3.3V!
The optionally available LED backlighting can also be run
with 3.3V or 5V. The preferred interface is the SPI bus.
In the mean time are a lot different character and
graphic displays available.

Chip on glass text (character) and graphic displays with SPI (serial interface) and parallel 4-Bit/8-Bit

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY tries with the EA DOG series to offer different display sizes with the same idea: This extremely compact COG (chip on glass) display modules can be combined with various back light to handle every imaginable purpose.

There is a serial interface to control the DOG display series: it is constructed very simply. The power supply is also as simple as possible and compatible with the micro controller world, that is run at 3.3 V for both the display and the back light. The control options are either parallel to the 4-bit / 8-bit mode or SPI - a serial interface. Above all, the serial interface impresses with its quickness and resource-efficient manner. The operation requires only four ports on the controller. If there are other units on the board using SPI, the serial interface can be used as a bus. The serial interface is a key feature, normal standard text displays do not have such a comfortable interface.

In addition to mention is the easy start with the DOG series. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers accessories, e.g. an USB test board to connect to Windows PCs, a touch panel with analogue 4-wire interface and a set of fonts with Font Editor. Additional fonts, such as Cyrillic, Greek or Arabic script can be derived from the Windows system fonts.


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