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Slim Graphic LCD

A new supertwist liquid gives the LC graphic display EA P120 from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY the best contrast available on small LCDs. The module has a resolution of 120x32 dots, enough for 4x20 characters with a height of 4.55mm. Larger characters (e.g. 9.7mm at 2x15 chars. or 20.8mm at 1x8) and graphs can also be displayed. Many different character sets are available on disc. The display is also available with LED or EL backlight. Wide operating temperature range from -20 to +70°C is standard. A graphic controller SED 1520 makes connecting to an 8 bit databus very easy. Power supply requirement is +5V and typically -1.7V with a current consumption of 800µA max. For low power applications 3.3V operation is possible. The most important aim when developing the module was to maximize the viewing area, and minimize the dimensions (62x22.4mm by 68x39mm). A depth of 6.2mm makes the reflective and EL lighted modules especially suitable for handheld applications. The price of the EA P120 is below that of a standard 4x20 character display - but with a full graphic feature!

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Feb 23rd, 1999 Ralph Tischer

4-20mA Loop Powered Panel Meter

Only two wires are needed to connect EA 4220-CL to your signal source. No soldering or special connectors - the wires will be plugged into screw terminals; decimal points are selected by jumpers. Mechanical mounting is even more simple: Just push the snap-in box (90x50mm) into your front panel - Ready. Since the input signal ranges from 4 to 20 mAmps, there is always enough energy to supply the low-power panel meter. Versatile adjustments for zero offset and span make the module suitable for a wide range of applications. Excellent contrast is achieved by the easy to read LCD display with 3?digit and 18mm / 0.7" digit height. A precison band gap reference offers a more constant readout than on other panel meters. For other applications there are three more, similar modules in the same box: EA 4220-AT measures current from 0 to ±20mA. Due to this input range, a supply voltage (5V/<20mA) is needed. Don't worry about INLO and GND potentials - the on-board DC/DC converter guarantees isolation of supply and signal input. EA 4220-VTB is a 0 to ± 2V voltmeter with more than 100 MOhms input resistance. Supply voltage (5V/<20mA) and input signal are isolated by an on-board DC/DC converter. A special feature is that the read-out at 0V input can be shifted. EA 4220-VB voltmeter offers the same input range, but can be supplied with a DC voltage of 5V ... 12V ... 24V (other supply voltage on request). In most applications only three wires are needed: Supply, Ground, InHigh.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Jan. 22nd 1999 Herbert Demmel

Divine Revelation

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY's graphic unit EA KIT128-V24 with the touch panel is a tailor-made operating front-end for small and midrange machinery. You can easily define up to 8x4 keys on the display, each with its individual lettering and function. Powerful commands will allow to combine and to automatically define several keys.

You will find more information on our Touchpanel page or on our Datasheet in PDF-format.
29.12.98 Ralph Tischer

Super flat LCD module with I2C

3 lines by 12 characters provide a sufficient information volume. The communication of our new EA T123-I2C is working with the well known I2C-Bus interface. That way only 2 lines from the uC are required. The integrated font shows 240 characters including some useful symbols. The high contrast transflective display allows an application with and without backlight. Besides the advantage of the I2C bus interface the EA 7123-I2C impress with it?s extreme compact design: the innovative chip-on-glas technology makes it possible for a minimum of 2.65mm height. The propotion of the character size of 4.7mm and the module dimensions of 46x33mm is well chosen. Just because of this disign the module is suitable especially for handheld application. Therefore the power consumption is 250uA only. The supply voltage range is 2.5 to 6V and the operating temperature is -20..+70°C. A negative voltage generator is onboard. Last of all here are some good news for users of the canceled Philips module LPH 3827: the EA T123-I2C is electricaly and mechanicaly compatible to it.

This display module is compatible to OPTREX OEG3231493, OEG3231413 OEG3231247, C51573, Philips LPH3827.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Sep. 28th, 1998 SE

Big Size LCD with 9,2 mm font

That looks good: LCD technology with 9,2mm character height. The integrated bright yellow backlight and the supertwist technology allows reading the lcd from all directions in best way; - also in dark surrounding. The display works in a temperature range from 0..+50°C or -20..+70°C. Programming the lcd is made over the well known 4-/8-bit interface. Standard version operates with a single 5V supply. Optionally the display is featured with a RS-232 or RS-422 interface. A version with 64 messages stored in an EEPROM is also available. The built in character set is available with english or cyrillic letters. It is possible to define additionally 8 characters by yourself. The outline dimensions are 146x62,5x13mm. Do you think that is to big? OK. Then take a look at our Micro Display with 3,15mm character height and dimensions of 65x28x8,3mm.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Feb. 4th, 1998 Ralph Tischer

Micro DC-AC Converter and EL Lamps

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY produces the smallest DC-AC converter called EA PSEL-22. The dimensions are 20x7x8mm. Power supply range is from 1.5 to 6V (various brightness) with a typically current consumption of 15mA/5V. The module is good for EL lamps up to 20cm². Low power and small size makes it ideal for battery powered systems. The converter is available with and without pins. Another advantage is the digital on/off input. Switched off the current consumption is reduced to 50nA. Many fitting EL lamps in various sizes are available 1 pc. off. From aprox. 250 pcs. off custom made sizes and colors are available. To smaller your application ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers also a kit with all components for lighting, together with an EL lamp.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
March 13th, 1997 Ralph Tischer

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