I am looking for a help file while working with the KitEditor/KitCompiler

I’ve downloaded and unpacked the LCD TOOLS. I’m working with the KitEditor to program my EA eDIP. Is there any help available besides the datasheet? 

Yes, of course. While working with the KitEditor, just press F1.
You will get detailed information about the compiler options and the commands. 
If you need help on how to work with the available commands practically, you will find many examples in the following LCD TOOLS folder: 

Drive:\ELECTRONIC_ASSEMBLY_LCD-Tools-Portable\Data\eDIP ‒ intelligent graphics displays\your eDIP\How to use...Just select a term you are interested in and open the *.kmi file with the help of KitEditor. 

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need any further help or examples.

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