Modern intelligent touch screen - resistive displays TFT LCD OLED, the perfect professional solution

A touch screen consists of a display and a touch panel. A control is usually already integrated. However, some only refer to the touch panel as the touch display screen. In any case, however, it is about the possibility of making entries on a larger area in order to read outputs at the same time or to display keypads and input or output. hide. Vandal-proof glass panes are required for POI stations, in industry and medical technology it is necessary that the touch screen can also be operated with gloves (resistive - resistive touch panel).

Touch screens are also advantageous for multilingualism. Inputs can be made more intuitive, double key presses are no longer necessary.

Typical representatives of touch screens are the EA eDIPTFT resistive displays and the EA uniTFT resistive displays (linked here). You can buy these touchscreens in different sizes and designs.