OLED Touch Displays von Electronic Assembly sind modern, innovative und intelligent

Crisp yellow on a deep black background, plus a viewing angle of almost 180 °, that can only be an OLED display. OLED touch modules - displays are active displays, so here the pixels shine. The power consumption can be correspondingly low. However, it is always higher than that of a reflective LCD display. Although the OLED display is called "active", there are still active and passive OLED displays in the area of ​​control. The passive technology can be used up to a screen size of about 5 inches, larger displays are actively controlled.

Our OLED displays are designed for continuous operation of 50,000 hours and more and are therefore really suitable for industrial use. They are available for a long time and the developer receives full support via email, phone or through the website. There is also a USB test board and countless application examples. OLED displays are available for pure text display or as graphic displays.

OLED touch displays are also available together with a touch panel, also with USB or RS-232 interface (linked here). All OLED displays can be bought in our webshop.

Here you will find further information about OLED displays or the difference to TFT and LCD.