Intelligent displays - screens are modern, effectively innovative

Intelligent Screen display has graphic functions which can be used in a kind of high-level language. Intelligent screen displays also offer one or more built-in character sets; therefore, the letters do not have to be built up pixel by pixel like other graphic display. They can control, regulate and store.

Display are intelligent when they can be controlled by more than just an RGB interface with a permanent data stream (e.g. via SPI or USB, I²C or even RS-232/RS-485). They have a memory for several pages built-in and various additional functionalities. Often also digital inputs and outputs, even the lighting can be controlled intelligently as required. Modern display work with screen objects, so every element can be manipulated intelligently during operation (transparency, size, position, text etc.).

EA uniTFT display are typical display with intelligence and many functions - perfect for elegant operating concepts of your device. You can find more information here, or if you want to buy directly, here in our webshop.