Industrial displays with touch option, long-lasting and long available with high quality

Are you looking for TFT touch displays for industrial products (industrial displays)? These are high-quality touch displays, full color, which not only offer a very good contrast and wide viewing angle. The availability of TFT touch displays is of crucial importance. Small and medium quantities are common in industry, but they must be available at short notice. Many TFT (thin film transistor) touch displays were developed for consumer applications (not for industrial applications!). They often do not meet the needs of industry: the documentation is often incomplete or even incorrect. Colored TFT touch displays require special control / timing. If this is not adhered to, the lifespan will be shortened or individual touch displays in the series will not run properly. Inferior lighting is often installed, which is only designed for a few hundred hours. TFT touch displays (industrial touch displays) from the consumer sector are subject to frequent revisions due to cost reasons. This also poses great challenges for industrial applications.

Industrial displays with an integrated touch panel and various interfaces such as e.g. USB or RS-232 / RS-485. Such a touch monitor for industry or production provides measured values ​​or enables interventions in the production process.

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