HMI displays panels are modern, intelligent and innovative

HMI stands for “human-machine interface” and includes a display and usually also a touch panel. The display of an HMI visualizes process parameters or status displays of equipment for the user or the service technician. With the HMI touch panel, entries can also be made directly on the HMI display.

Even the display screen of an MP-3 player could be evaluated together with individual buttons as an operating unit or HMI. So there are also small HMI screens panels, with ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY from 2 ”screen. These classifieds are completely sufficient for many applications of smaller devices (HMI example EA uniTFTs020 with 2 “incl. PCAP touch panel).

A brilliant, bright screen (possibly as an IPS) and fast, highly integrated intelligence are essential for an easy-to-use HMI. This enables intuitive user interfaces, which users are happy to accept.

Further links to HMI displays like the EA uniTFT HMI series and the EA eDIPTFT HMI series are linked here. Likewise the webshop to buy is linked here.