Graphic display, innovative - modern and intelligent with touch function

A graphic touch panel is designed as a so-called dot matrix display, as a grid made up of many individual pixels. The corresponding pixels can be controlled to display text or images. The resolution of the display is essential here: a display with 128x64, for example, can display simple icons and up to 8 characters of text and 21 characters. Decorative fonts (serifs etc.) are not possible. Many of these low-resolution displays are only monochrome (black / white). Colors or gray gradients cannot be displayed. The background can be colored in yellow / blue or amber by appropriate backlighting. The STN negative technique allows a blue and white representation.

Displays with a higher resolution (from around 320x240 pixels) allow more text and graphics, some of the panels also have color and touch functions.

Pixel density: The more pixels are packed in the same space, the finer the texts and graphics can be displayed. Apple refers to its displays as retina displays with such small pixels that they can no longer be resolved by the human eye.

Typical graphic displays are the EA eDIPTFT displays, EA uniTFT displays and the standard graphic displays (linked here or buy them in the webshop).