COG Modules, with or without intelligence and touch panel, long lasting and long available, we have the right professional solution

A chip on glass display (abbreviation COG) is a display with an integrated display driver. This driver chip is located directly on the glass of the display, therefore "Chip-On-Glass".

Chip on glass technology is a modern technology for the cost-effective production of high-quality displays. All EA DOG displays are manufactured using chip on glass technology. These display are very flat and can be combined with a wide variety of lighting (including RGB). Thanks to pins, our COG display are easy to assemble and versatile (also as a single piece). The test board with USB interface enables simple testing of these COG display. The DOG series is available for a long time and can be delivered from stock, distributed worldwide in industrial and medical products. Here's the website and here you can (website) buy these displays (webshop).