Connect the text display to the Arduino. With a DOG display easily possible thanks to 3.3V and SPI interface.

Character Display to Arduino

- easyly connected

- SPI Interface

- 3.3V

- EA DOG Series

Arduino Textdisplay

Arduino Character Display

How do you control a text display with an Arduino? We describe this here in the Application Notes. Text displays have a built-in character set, so they are addressed directly via ASCII codes. You can also display a cursor and position it at the desired position. No problem for the Arduino, these are only milliseconds.
Displays are available in different versions, with and without illumination, with 1 line or even 4 lines. For Arduino applications, the DOG displays are particularly suitable because, like the Arduino, they have a PI interface. Arduino Due or Nano work with 3.3V, like the EA DOG displays. This fits perfectly. For Arduino Uno a level converter has to be built because it works with 5V. This can also be a simple voltage divider
Text displays in LCD and as OLED you can buy in the Display Shop.

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