Super flat LCD module with I2C

3 lines by 12 characters provide a sufficient information volume. The communication of our new EA T123-I2C is working with the well known I2C-Bus interface. That way only 2 lines from the uC are required. The integrated font shows 240 characters including some useful symbols. The high contrast transflective display allows an application with and without backlight. Besides the advantage of the I2C bus interface the EA 7123-I2C impress with it?s extreme compact design: the innovative chip-on-glas technology makes it possible for a minimum of 2.65mm height. The propotion of the character size of 4.7mm and the module dimensions of 46x33mm is well chosen. Just because of this disign the module is suitable especially for handheld application. Therefore the power consumption is 250uA only. The supply voltage range is 2.5 to 6V and the operating temperature is -20..+70°C. A negative voltage generator is onboard. Last of all here are some good news for users of the canceled Philips module LPH 3827: the EA T123-I2C is electricaly and mechanicaly compatible to it.

This display module is compatible to OPTREX OEG3231493, OEG3231413 OEG3231247, C51573, Philips LPH3827.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Sep. 28th, 1998 SE