Slimline with Touch

With its 39mm width and 40mm height the new EA DOGS102-6 is the most compact graphic display by ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY. Even with this small size an analogue touch panel is available. All touch areas are defined by software. With a typical touch area of 10x10mm up to 8 touch keys have room. This is more than enough for the most applications. Thanks to the extreme compact outline, the newest member of the EA DOG family is perfect to become assembled into a 19" rack with 1 RU. It is also ideal for wall-mounted switches in premises; it could become a simple display, switch or control unit there. With 102x64 dots there is enough space for multi-line text and graphics. Congenial to the display ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides backlight units in white and amber color, as well as a duo colored version in green and red. The white backlight does reach a brightness of incredible 2000cd/m². This leads together with the new super-white polarizor an extreme brillant display. Important for the quality is to know that 4(!) pcs. long-life NICHIA LED's are assembled. The connection to a microcontroller is done via serial interface SPI.. The power supply is single 2.7 ~ 3.3V. Current consumption stays below 150uA. The EA DOG series provides some more display sizes as character and graphic types.

Helpful link: DOGFlyer, Data Sheet: EA DOGS102-6EA USBSTICK-FONT
December, 10th. 2009 Ralph Tischer