Slimline text display runs on standard 3.3 V

The EA DOG range from  ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is the world’s first display series which runs on 3.3V without auxiliary voltage. The latest model in this extensive product family, which includes 1x8, 2x16, 3x16 character versions, is the first to offer a 4x20 character display. The EA DOGM204-A is extremely compact (66x40mm) and features a standard 4.8mm font size. 3 different technologies (STN and FSTN) are available as standard options. In contrast to conventional LCD modules, the display and backlighting are supplied separately. Backlighting is available in white, amber and green/red, and users have a choice of many combinations. This state-of-the-art LCD series is designed for handheld devices with and without backlighting, and it offers a number of outstanding features:

- Super-low profile, 2. 0mm without backlighting or 5. 8mm with LED backlighting
- 4-bit, 8-bit, SPI (4-wire) and I²C (2-wire) interface at the SSD1803A controller
- Typical current consumption only 250µA during normal operation (white LED backlighting 3mA to 80mA at 3. 3V)
- Easy soldering for simple mounting
- Operating temperature range -20 +70°C

In addition, a wide range of design variations can be supplied from quantities starting at 1; the standard version has 3 different Cyrillic, English, Japanese and European character sets  built in. 2 mounting orientations are supported (6 o’clock and 12 o’clock). With monochrome backlighting, 3 separate LED paths which can be connected in series or parallel are provided for optimal matching between the display configuration and the system voltage. As a result, all backlighting units will run alternatively on 5V and some directly on 3.3V.