Touch Controller
In many fields of application of industry, automotive or medical development control functions are done by micro-controllers.
The HMI is often undervalued or neglect. With the eDIP-Series of ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY the solution is within yours grasp. The complicated and time-consuming controlling of a graphical display not to mention a touch-panel. Therefore you need beside the display and the touch-panel itself additional hardware, like display- and touch-controller.
We provide a solution to you. An intelligent display with integrated displaycontrol an optional touch-panel including a touch-controller, which is mounted on the display. The control and evaluation of the touch-controller is done in the display itself.
The eDIP-Series contains beside 4 different monochrome displays, 4 colored in different sizes. All of them use the same interfaces, the same simple instruction set. The interface is one of the typicall ones (RS-232, SPI or I²C).