Zero Power Displays

Amazing contrast.

Neutral black and white.

Read without any backlight at its best.


µA are sufficient for 2 to 6 displays

µA are sufficient for 2” to 6” displays

The new series EA EPA ePaper displays offer an near perfect black/white optic for text and graphic. The displays are designed as black/white displays and do provide two additional gray scales.
With approximately 90 dpi, the displays offer a very high resolution and are therefore suitable for detailed representations. This displays provide excellent readability even without lighting.



ePaper is based on Joseph Jacobson’s technology, which was already in use in 1990. Microcapsules of various sizes contain white and black particles in a transparent, highly viscous polymer. The white particles are charged positively, and the black ones negatively.
A pixel consists of an irregular number of these microcapsules. If an electric field is applied, this changes the appearance for the viewer. The particles align rapidly with the electric field and the electric field can be removed quickly. The position of the particles remains stable.



The electric field is controlled to an extremely fine level by means of an active TFT matrix. In this way it is possible to control the “gray scales” via the duration of application of the electric field. As a result of the viscosity of the polymer, ePaper is able to store its content for long periods without requiring power.
Application areas range from traditional price tags, weather stations, level indicators, transit schedules and doorplates all the way to the eBook readers everyone is familiar with.

Super flat and with SPI

With a height of just 1.18 mm, these displays fit any application. The interface for the 2” version EA EPA20-A is a standard SPI interface. A 24-pole ZIF connector is used for connection. The operating voltage is 3.3 V single supply.
For further information, please refer to the data sheet for the 2” display or for controller SSD1606.
Further displays sizes 4.3” and 6” available.

EA eLABEL20-A as a starter kit

EA eLABEL20-A as a starter kit

For easy commissioning and your own tests, we offer starter kit EA eLABEL20-A / EA 9780-3USB. We have developed a controller for the 2” ePaper display that ships with display and battery. EA eLABEL20-A automatically displays several pages consecutively. It is possible to display your own texts and pictures using one of the integrated serial interfaces SPI, RS-232 or I²C. The onboard FLASH and integrated character sets make it easier to create individual demos.

Thanks to the battery (CR2032), after loading your own pictures and texts via the EA 9780-3USB USB interface, the starter kit can be disconnected from the PC for power-independent demos. See data sheet EA eLABEL20-A for dimensions and integrated functions.

The USB interface EA 9780-3USB can be used for programming and loading texts and pictures.

Standard Displays

Ordering Code Description Resolution Integrated Controller Data Sheet
EA EPA20-A e-Paper Display 2" 172x72 SSD1606 EPA20-A
EA EPA43-A e-Paper Display 4.3" 800x600 HX8705B EPA43-A
EA EPA60-A e-Paper Display 6" 800x600 HX8705B EPA60-A
Intelligent e-Paper
EA ELABEL20-A Intell. e-Paper Display 2" 172x72 Intelligent with SPI, I²C, RS-232 ELABEL20-A
EA EVALELABEL20 Starterkit 2" for PC/USB 172x72 Intelligent plus test board for USB  
Arduino Shield

Arduino Shield

For testing and fast commissioning of the small 2" e-paper display EA EPA20-A, there is an empty pcb circuit board available. The order number is EA PCBARDEPA1606 and it's designed as a "shield" to put directly to the Arduino Uno. Here's the link to our shop. The documentation for this project including the schematic, part list and code is available for free download here.