Dotmatrix LCD

Controller HD44780 built-in.

Interface for 4-/8-bit data bus.

Integrated character set. 1x8~4x40.

EA DOG: pcb mounted display w. SPI.

Character Displays

Character Displays with HD44780

Character Displays with HD44780

The dotmatrix LCDs offered here are equipped with the controller HD44780 or compatible; they provide a complete character set and are configured for operation on the 4- or 8-bit data bus of a processor system. There are R/W, RS and Enable control lines. Please ask about special models with an extended temperature range, a Cyrillic character set or a soldered connector. Semi-customized solutions are possible as of 50 units. The accessories we supply for dotmatrix LCDs include suitable bezels and RS-232 interfaces.
We have a large stock and can thus deliver many models immediately from our stock in Gilching near Munich.

There are different display sizes available as standard modules. Click on one of the link here:

[ 1x8 | 1x16 | 1x20 | 2x8 | 2x12 | 2x16 2x20 | 2x24 | 2x40 | 4x12 | 4x16 | 4x20 | 4x40 ]

Chip-On-Glass with SPI for 3.3V (EA DOG)

Chip-On-Glass with SPI for 3.3V (EA DOG)

  • Super flat
  • Made for 3.3V
  • Low-power
  • Also with serial I²C or SPI interface
  • Chip-on-glass technology
  • 1x8, 2x16, 3x16, 4x10, 4x16, 4x20
  • Also as graphic displays

Read more about it at this page.

Compact pcb mounted Display (EA DIP series)

Compact pcb mounted Display (EA DIP series)

  • Effective viewing area / no pcb border
  • No more mounting holes
  • HD44780 compatible
  • Simply solder into motherboard
  • With LED backlight
  • Long term availability

Read more and click at this link.

Text Displays with RS-232 / RS-422

Text Displays with RS-232 / RS-422

Fixed-text displays for 64 messages 

The series we are talking about here is an LCD dotmatrix series complete with a control interface and bezel. The LCD module, which includes an RS-232 interface, is delivered as a unit. It is connected to a standard RS-232C interface (or, alternatively, an RS-422).
Learn more on our RS-232 page.

  • Bezels
    All bezels are available as an accessory. We provide with an anti-glare screen. The bezels are simply inserted into the frontal cutout. This gives your unit a professional look, and at the same time the anti-glare screen prevents the integrated display from being touched or getting dirty. The anti-glare screen makes the display considerably easier to read. Please refer to the tables for dotmatrix modules for the order numbers of the various bezels. You will find more information on bezels in our data sheet, which is available in PDF format, or on our accessories page.
  • Cables and connectros 
    We accept orders of one or more units of the following items for your display: one- or two-row connectors and cables with a grid of 1.27 or 2.54 mm with a female connector (one- or two-row) crimped on, with different numbers of pins and a wide range of lengths.



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