World's first OLED displays with pins for fast mounting

As first manufacturer DISPLAY VISIONS has developed a complete range of OLED displays with pins for easy plug-in mounting. The high-contrast OLED displays also feature an extremely flat design, robust construction, and a long service life.

For quick and easy mounting DISPLAY VISIONS offers the world's first OLED display family with connector pins in 2.54mm pitch. These displays can be soldered directly or plugged into socket strips. Therefore, cumbersome gluing procedures or the need for designing a special mounting device belong to the past, as well as error-prone cable connections.

Since the individual OLED pixels themselves light up, these displays do not require any additional backlighting such as LCDs. As a result, OLED displays feature a very flat design (typically 2.4mm), wide viewing angles (up to 170°), high contrasts (2,000:1), fast response times (typically 10µs) and a high overall brightness (100cd/m2).

These features, together with an extended temperature range (-40 to +80°C) and a long service life (at least 50,0000h, up to 100,000h are possible), make them particularly suitable for mounting in mobile handheld devices for robust outdoor use.

The extremely good ratio of external dimensions to the active display area helps in designing very compact devices. In addition to the display in the standard colours yellow or white on black, special designs with green, red or blue are also possible for orders of a minimum quantity of 500 pieces. The devices can be controlled via both an SPI and an I2C interface.


DISPLAY VISIONS offers four model series within the OLED-family:

EA OLEDL128-6 provides a graphics display resolution of 128 x 64 pixels. It is about 68 millimeters wide and almost 48 millimeters high. The proportion of the active display area amounts to approximately 62 percent. The display is available in three different versions: As robust „Allround“ version with protective glass and an integrated polarizer for deep background black. As slim „Flat“ version without protective glass but with a component height of only 2.4 millimetres. And as elegant „Designer“ version without polarizer for mounting behind a smoked glass pane, for example. This display version features a shiny silver background and is even brighter.

EA OLEDM128-6 is slightly smaller (55mm x 43mm) while offering the same resolution. It is available in the versions "Allround" and "Flat".

The display unit EA OLEDS102-6 offers a resolution of 102 x 64 pixels (39mm x 38mm). It is available in the versions "Allround" and "Flat".

EA OLEDM204 is a text display with either 4 x 20 characters or 3 x 20 characters as well as 2 x 20 characters in double font size. This display measures 61 mm x 26 mm and is also available in the versions "Allround" and "Flat".

Numerous accessories, such as a USB test board, socket strips, PCAP touch panel or resistive touch panel round off the DISPLAY VISIONS product range.

More information you do find at our Website.

EA OLEDS102-6 Datasheet