Revision history

EA uniTFTs-Serie Firmware






New commands and improvements:

Editbox: The wildcard character can now also be specified as a string

For already existing menus, the root and sub-sub menus can be redefined with #EMD

Combobox entries are redefined with #ECD and afterwards entries can be added with #ECA

Spinbox entries are redefined with #ESD and afterwards entries can be added with #ESA

Read object text numerically in registers (all partial spinboxes are interpreted together)

Windows BMP formats are now also natively supported for all images

Objects can now blink (#OVI 2) the current visible state will be inverted, therefore alternate blinking is also possible

Global blink time for objects adjustable #XBT

Filenames/Directories to StringArray #FNA, #FNB

File commands for direct reading/writing of variable types to/from registers/arrays

File commands for direct reading/writing to/from string arrays(binary) #FRQ, #FWQ

File commands for direct reading of numeric ASCII values in registers/arrays

File commands for direct reading of one line (up to \n) of ASCII/Unicode strings in string arrays #FRT, #FRZ

Calculation commands : Calculate a 32-bit spinboxentry from a decimal number with number of digits

Calculation commands: I2C master send/receive error queryable mstIE()

Calculation commands :Query position/size of child objects

Major Bugs:

sprintf leads in rare cases (e.g. with %.2f,%.1f) to an incorrect display or to a crash.

For an existing picturebox, the entries could not be deleted (#EPD) and less could be added (#EPA)

Editbox: if the wildcard character was changed or deleted with #SEW, the cursor was at a wrong position.



New commands and improvements:

 Project encryption. Protect project against copy.

 PictureBox: Sliding menu including pictures / icons and text labels.

 Arrays: Besides Integer and float, now unicode array

 File write and read commands for array (#FWY, #FRY)

 Regular Expression to search and find in StringRegister and string arrays.

 Additional command to get hardcopy to object including background -> important for animations. (#XHB)

 Global activation / deactivation of touch panel (#TPE)

 Calculation commands: Get Obj-ID from drawing layer objLI()

 Calculation commands: Returnvalues working together with RegExp.

 Command syntax: All parameters can directly use array value e.g, A5I42, A0I(R7)...

 Command syntax: Stringparameter can use results from RegExp e.g. X0

 Filesize can be changed afterwards. #FWO, Increase or decrease file in flash.

Major Bugs:

 #XCO did not rotate the background

 #VRI, #VRF: If a register was used and assigned to itself together with a typechange, the result was wrong

 Creating a new object with a already used delete protected Obj-ID, both objects were alive with same Obj-ID.



New commands and improvements:

 Additional global border for all objects with flag 64=OnlyRectangle (#TID) for touch query #TAA

 Possibility to specify 1/100 seconds for date/time printf (#SDP,#SDF,#SDC,#VSD,#WSA,#WSU,#YPD) and display it with the format  

 (e.g. stop watch with timer())

 Diagram commands: Lines with and without markers as value-time diagrams or XY diagrams with individual automatic labeling

 Calculation commands for the diagram functions e.g. finding the value for the last touch point diaLI()

 Calculation commands: Array functions extended: arMIN(),arMAX(), arAVG()

 Calculation commands: n-th root sqrt(var,n)

 Calculation commands: Logarithm to base n log(var,n)

 Calculation commands: Comparison if value is inside or outside two limits (indsideE(),insideU())

 Calculation commands: Convert time string automatically: strV(hh:mm or hh:mm:ss) and date (DD.MM.YYY or YYYY.MM.DD Seperator

 is point, minus or slash) returns the datetime value in seconds

 Polypath: only lines without filling, allowed line commands M,H,V,L and Z (small letters = relative) #GPP, #GPS, #GPT

 Object can be assigned as marker for Polyline/Polyfill/Polypath (GPL,GPF,GPP,GPT)

Major Bugs:

 With the SPI-Master interface the CS was no longer set to HIGH after setting to LOW one time

 If SPI- or I2C-Master was set, the first reading did not work and RS232-Slave was changed to Master

 The beginning or the end of the line was missing at close angles to the 90° axes

 With multi-touch operation, one of the two up-macros with simultaneous release was not executed

 Strings that were placed in the full send buffer are blocking bytewise until string end (Timeout * characters e.g. 2s * 100 characters =

 200s > 03 min)

 Master-Interface: Array send is working only a maximum of 1024 Byte (now max. 65535 Byte)

 Command #VQA, sorting arrays reutrned mixed up order

 Command #VRO did not work with menu, combobox and spinbox



First release







Adding new firmware features

Changed the text windows to richedit control (unicode) when debugging

Syntaxhighligthing at debugging, only valid commands and calculations are colored

On MouseOver the command explanation is now displayed and the background of the current area is colored (green=ok, red=Error)

Selected objects can be copied to the clipboard as PNG including transparency

Master interfaces can be simulated in the window

Responses from the master interfaces can be written to the buffer, automatic responses are defined in a text file.

When dragging files to the simulator window, links are now resolved.



Adding new firmware features, like PictureBox and array.

DebugWindow: Improved mouse over behaviour. Calculation are resolved.



Error messages for wrong commands/parameters are flashing in the status line

Sendebufferbytes ready is displayed in the status line

Visualization of the PWM output in a separate window

Improved debug function: Two arrays can be displayed to investigate values

Improved debug function: AutoStep extended with optional calculation as stop condition

Hiding of not connected I/O ports



First release

uniTFT Designer - Designsoftware







uniDocu for version documentation

Tooltips have been revised and improved

Search function extended to screen macros and objects

Open macros are saved


The sound could not be edited in the PictureBox

The icons in the PictureBox were not scaled correctly

The langagekey in PictureBox was not saved

Name substitutions were made in the comment #-

Position of meters within a group were wrong after restart

Icon buttons as radiogroup have no default setting allowed

EditBox has lost the settings for the send buffer

A macro deleted in the project tree remained in the macro editor




 Screen transitions


 Array and Stringarray support

 Searchfilter in project tree


 Macro editor: Mouse hover. Show Obj-ID, Register-ID and values...

 Macro editor: Ctrl + Left mouseclick on Macros / Screen / Objects / Register... go to definition

 Export Macro- and Screennames to C-Header file

 Paste picture on screen directly from clipboard

 Color picker works outside own application

 Improved search in example projects

 Introduction of uniTFTAcademy. Link to videos and corresponding projects under "Inctuction" on the uniTFTDesigner Home page.

 Improved updater


 The active area of the Meter Editor could not become smaller than the bounding box of all elements

 Grouping outside the active area was not possible

 No elements were selectable for the group type Slider/Meter/Clock

 Meter templates were not saved correctly

 Improved update process

 Minor bug fixes

 Screen delete behaviour (delete everything did not delete protected elements)




 Macro Editor is now vertically splitable to view two macros at the same time

 Icons in the project tree slightly reduced in size

 Syntax highlighting for brackets. In macros and calculations the corresponding brackets are highlighted

 Insert image from clipboard (Ctrl+C) directly to a screen. The image is then automatically created in the data folder of the project.

 Inserted Objects do have an offset against the source object on the same screen for better visability

 Ribbon toolbar: The upper menu bar is changed to a modern design.

 Preset radiobuttons and switches


 Soundfile for icon buttons not always correctly selectable

 Touch macros for instruments are written incorrectly.

 Minor bug fixes




 Meter editor for designing rotary instruments

 Diagram editor for creating line diagrams, like Value-Time based graphs

 Clock editor for individual clocks

 New project tree for faster access and usability

 New color picker to select existing screen colors

 New image selection box with a bunch of sample icons

 Automatic firmware update for EA uniTFT(s) modules

 Improved unicode text input with preview

 Groups improved and accelerated

 Display and format memory usage uniTFT/uniTFTs

 Syntaxhighlighting in automatic and formatted text labels

 Beatufied names for registers and stringregisters also in exported c-headerfile


 save as: Problem with paths to images and other fileobjects

 minor bugs

 Ctrl+Z undo, errorprone



Minor bug fixes



Improved reading of unkiSKETCH projects



First release







New commands from firmware 1.3 inserted.

New features of uniTFTDesigner 2.1 inserted.



EA uniTFT simulator added link to uniTFTAcademy



New commands from firmware 1.2 inserted.

New features of uniTFTDesigner 1.4 inserted.

Links to uniTFTAcademy.



Corrected flow chart protocol. Time-out time 50 us.



New commands and calculation added



First release