Software - operation of EA uniTFTs-Series

The presentation on the display is based on the given commands. The commands can either be transmitted at runtime via one of the serial interfaces or combined on the internal memory in so-called macros and stored permanently. With the help of the commands, graphic objects are created. These objects have different properties, like color, position and built-in actions. These properties can be changed at any time, for example a string or the position of a touch-sensitive button can be changed.

All conceivable objects can be arbitrarily placed, moved and deleted. Windows font sets are stored directly in the display's memory. Thanks to automatic ASCII and Unicode switching, a wide variety of systems are supported flexibly, Chinese characters included. Elegant effects like fading in or out are already integrated. Style sheets can be used to create consistent designs. Images JPEG, PNG and many more (also transparent) can be integrated. Together with the integrated (EA uniTFTs035-ATC and EA uniTFTs043-ATC), battery-buffered time base, events can be documented together with a time stamp or processes can be controlled completely autonomously without an external computer.