The EA uniTFTs-Series consists of a TFT/IPS-Display with LED backlight, driven by an integrated driving circuit, which is dimmable using software commands. In 24/7 operation the backlight can be dimmed automatically to increase the LED life-time and save energy.

The module is designed to work with 3.3 VDC. Serial data transfer is possible through RS232, SPI, I²C or direct via USB protocol.

For simple control tasks, the module has 8 freely usable I/Os (expandable up to 136), 4 analogue inputs, one PWM output and 3 serial interfaces (RS232, SPI and I²C).

The modules do have an integrated capacitive touch panel. By touching the display you can enter data and make adjustments via menu or bar graph. The labelling, size and shape of the "keys" is flexible and can also be changed during runtime (different languages, icons). The drawing of the individual "keys", as well as the labelling is completely taken over by the built-in software. The capacitive touchpanel has an robust glass surface that can also be operated with thin gloves.

Front view (example EA uniTFTs043-ATC)

Rear view (example EA uniTFTs043-ATC)