Macro Editor

In the Macro Editor (View -> Workspace Panels -> Macros) command sequences are written in function groups the so called macros. It makes sense to edit and define all objects that need to be calculated and to use macros for all non-graphic commands.

An advantage is the syntax highlighting to see commands and parameters clearly structured. Also commends (starting with /**) can be inserted.

Vorteilhaft sind das Syntaxhighlighting um Befehle und Parameter klar strukturiert zu erkennen. Auch Kommentare (beginnend mit /**) können eingefügt werden.

All object, macro and register names available in the project and also the built-in calculations are suggested to match the parameter (Ctrl + space).

The short command help in the status bar is useful as a short information. With the shortcut F1 the help for the respective command is automatically displayed.