Small control unit with Satellite Displays

EA PLC Series


  • Core with 2.8" Color Display including Touchpanel
  • Core is designed for DIN rail mounting
  • 8 Inputs, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 4 Relay outputs
  • Space saving in the control cabinet due to narrow design with 5 TE
  • Satellite Displays in many different sizes from 1.5" to 10.1" and different mounting options
  • Interconnection via Wifi / WLAN, Ethernet and RS-485
  • Built-in RTC Clock
  • Quick and easy commissioning thanks to tool-free push-in connection technology at a 45° angle

ordering code

Core PLC for DIN rail mount, 2.8" with Touchpanel


Satellite Display Wall mount, 4.3" with Touchpanel


Mounting Clips for Satellite DisPlay (2 pcs.)

EA 00C1-1KNS


24V  supply 110/230V~

EA PS24V-18W

Y cable for power supply (1-2 displays)

EA KH21-102Y

USB <-> RS-485 Adaptor

EA 9790-USB485