This document describes all software commands and functions of EA PLC-Series.

The displays do provide sophisticated graphical functions and intuitive menu control with its built-in command set. Thanks to the integrated command set and the Windows design software "PLCDesigner", not only electronics specialists, but also experts in the field of design and user guidance are able to create the entire HMI.

The Satellite Displays and the Core are immediately ready for operation. Communication between all members is done vie LAN/Ethernet, WiFi/WLAN or RS-485. A lot graphic functions are already built-in.

Any Object on display like text, picture, button etc. will be defined via a wide set of commands. It will be displayed immediately and can even be changed in size, position and transparency afterwards Thus a nice HMI design can be created easily with some smooth objects, transparency and moving objects.

How to create some display content

The display content will be created by built-in commands. These commands can be transmitted at runtime via one of the serial interfaces.

A collection of some commands can be stored as a Macro on internal FLASH also. Internal macros and commands via serial interface can be mixed at any time.

With our WYSIWYG tool "PLCDesigner" it is fast and easy to create those macros and download to the displays FLASH. The tool is available f.o.c as a download from our website.

To get an easy introduction to the use of the commands we have a collection of short explanatory videos with the uniTFT Academy online.

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