DVM for 150..200V AC measurement

Inquiry: I need a voltmeter in modular design to measure 150-250 V AC. Execution in LED or LCD is irrelevant. If you offer something like that, I would be interested in product information.

In principle, we only offer voltmeters for measuring DC voltage. All DVMs have a sensitivity of ± 200mV and are very high-frequency.

Together with an additional RMS module (EA 9410-RMS), it can also be used to carry out a true RMS measurement. The mentioned rms value addition is best for the module series EA 4110-xxx (data sheet, pdf, 835kB).

There is also space for divider resistors to adapt the measuring voltage.

If a real RMS measurement is not required (constant waveform and frequency, no high accuracy required), it is often sufficient to simply connect a bridge rectifier and a buffer capacitor as an AC-DC converter in front of the voltmeter.