Current measurement (up to 4A) with the EA 4044 display module

Our problem: a current measurement (up to 4A) with the display module EA 4044. With a shunt resistor, a 10mOhm resistor would be necessary according to our calculations. That is not feasible (conductor resistance, solder point resistance), we would be very binding if you could present us with a proposed solution.

Thank you Mr. P.

Your calculation is correct. The current to be measured must flow through a 10 mOhm shunt. Appropriate cables and clamps are required for this so that the voltage drop (and heating) does not become greater than absolutely necessary.

It is best to insert the shunt into an existing line. In order to measure this voltage drop, a simple wire is enough to the inputs INHI and INLO of the DVM. This line can be so simple because almost no current flows here (nA), because the EA 4044 voltmeter has a very, very high resistance.