Display support in software and hardware

EA OLED-Series

EA OLEDL128/OLEDM128 for Arduino SPI 8-Bit and 9-Bit free of charge EA_OLEDM128-6 OLEDL128-6 SPI 8 Bit 9 Bit
EA OLEDM204 for R8/C25 free of charge EA OLEDM204 R8C25 / SPI
Initialization example for
character displays
free of charge

R8C25 / 4-Bit
R8C25 / 8-Bit
R8C25 / SPI

Hello World on Arduino for EA W082-XLG and others (Soft-SPI) free of charge Arduino / SPI
Application note for text displays free of charge OLED application note

Schematic and cmponent library for Layoutsoftware EAGLE

free of charge ea_v65.lbr